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Latest Artworks

March 30, 2024
Grasses and Paths
30 x 40 Oil on Canvas
Paths and Grasses start.JPG

On the right the beginning layer, and then the left composition and light development begins. Over a grassy field near the Mill as the sun sets behind them and sets their tops on fire

The next in my mini series of paintings where pathways are found in clouds..


February 11, 2024
Snowing on Mountainview
12 x 12 Oil on Canvas
Snowing on Mountainview.jpg

It just never gets old going up and down Mountainview Rd!! Even in a bit of a blizzard. The next in the pathways series using the road as the pathway.


December 17, 2023
Morning Mist on the Pond
36 x 24 Oil on Canvas
Morning Mist on the Pond.JPG

From the morning walk to the pond. This one you really need to see in person. No photo I have taken even closely resembles the colours or the softness that mist can create! _________________________________________

From my favourite road. Mountainview. This paitning was started in 2021, and finally got to where I wanted the light this week!  You could just feel the cool of the day that was hidden deep in those trees, even on the hottest day.


July 31, 2023
The Columbine 30 x 30
Oil on Canvas

The Columbine for website.jpg
Columbine 2.jpg

From the Garden, a little something different. The left almost there, then the right, with another several hours of work, slight variations in colour, lighting and details. 

July 17, 2023

Moon Shadow

30" x 40" Oil on Canvas

Moon Shadow with final Oct 2023.JPG

New piece from a Moonscape last Fall. It was conceived at the same time as "Cloud Waves", and finally taking shape on a canvas. Right canvas the start with composition and shapes, and left finished in Oil. I think......


April 2 , 2023

Snow on the Wetland - Progress

24" x 20" Oil on Canvas

Finally some measurable snow this year! The Wetland across from our property was pristine following the storm. Right sets the darks, lights and composition,  and the left builds that cold winter blue with details and colour! First in the series using pathways, with the water being this pathway.



November 15, 2022

"Standing Alone/Fenced In" - More details

Oil on Canvas 40 x 30

From a field close to the Mill after a winter storm. Building the snow on the limbs and branches on the tree. More layers to come. The tree seemed so dominant and confident, dominating its surroundings. Quite an inspiration in an uncertain world.


September 24, 2022 - Final February 2023!

"Light Waves"

30 x 30 Oil on Canvas

From the same day as Cloud Waves, now at Sunset. One specific day can absolutely have the most defined lighting!

 Bottom photo, first layers, Middle photo, more finishing layers building the waves in the light , Top photo,  the Tree in my initial reference finally makes it to the canvas. Henry. From Charleston Sideroad! Final touches with the building of flight, and some refining in the foreground. What a show Henry enjoyed!


July 30​, 2022

"Cloud Waves" - Update September 5, 2022- Accepted CFS Juried Exhibition

48 x 36 Oil in Canvas​​

Unbelievable cloud formation from a storm in June.  

Top image is the first stage of blocking in shapes with darks and lights, the bottom is the current progression with refinements and softening of the light 

September 2021
Guelph Lake
60 x 32

Guelph Lake at Sunset in July 2021

August​ 1 ,2021

"The Crest"

 30 x 40 Oil on Canvas- Update Oct 2023- Juror's Award- First Prize, Assembly Hall, Toronto

Companion to the Fall of 2020. This is an entirely different sideroad. It was from my first drive home from the Studio when were allowed to reopen in the Summer of 2020. 

Accepted to the Beaux-Arts Brampton Fine Art Juried Exhibiton- January 2022

February 22, 2021

"The Fall of 2020"  36 x 60

​After quite a long pause, I am back at the Studio for the sole purpose of creating artwork. This piece is coming along nicely, almost done?? It is from the most perfect Fall day last October on Kennedy Road in Caledon.

September 11, 2023
The Laneway 20 x 20

 August 15th Left Painting.The beginning. I plan my artworks with a paintbrush, no drawing with charcoal or a pencil. In this case I have started straight off with oil. I use a background colour that will be in the finished artwork, in this case the sky, and then begin finding the composition and shapes by either taking off the paint, or accentuating edges with stronger colour.  In the end, it is similar to a drawing done in charcoal, but no residue that would be left behind from that medium.  Now the trick is to keep all that lovely lighting in actual colours without ruining the composition! Keep you posted with progress as it comes along.
September 2nd. Middle Painting. Progress. Colour, lighting, details begin to define the artwork. Where to go from here???
September 11, 2023.  Right painting. Might be there! And hard to believe, but that session took the longest of all three.


Lenches more progress.jpg
Lenches more Sept 2023.jpg

September 7, 2023
Summer Dance
40 x 20

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