Janet Simmons Sweet, CFS  - The Unapologetic Landscape,  Studio 204,  Alton Mill Arts Centre

Latest Artworks

July 28, 2019

The Final Piece to Grey Matter.  
This is number three in the Collection. The road has gone to the right, down the middle, and now to the left. The three make the opening statement regarding the loss of detail, while the beautiful light remains. All thre comprise the beginning of the journey down the road of Dementia.

36 x 38, Oil on Canvas

July 1, 2019

Grey Matter XI

Both Major and smaller details have disappeared and the fog is closing in. The beautiful light remains, and there is a regal peace.

48 x 36  Oil on Canvas

June 16, 2019

Grey Matter IX

The Partner to Grey Matter VIII. Now we are in the woods completely. 

June 9, 2019

Grey Matter VII- Dementia Series

Loosing even more details, while the beautiful light remains.

This piece will fit counter clockwise to number VI when the exhibit is hung. I have chose to hang the pieces this way, to further emphasize way the disease moves time "backwards". It removes their recent life, and takes them back to an earlier time.

48 x 36. Oil on Canvas

May 27, 2019

Grey Matter VI- Dementia Series

Working my way up and down that same road. The main subjects now are starting to breakdown, while the back ground is fighting over focus and clarity. 

48 x 36, Oil on Canvas

May 19, 2019

Grey Matter- 2019

Considering this currently as the first piece in the collection

This is the same road with the initial details quite defined, and only the far distance in the fog, is the clue of what will quietly go missing. The beginning of the journey.
36 x 48 Oil on Canvas

May 7, 2019

Mirror Mirror- Part two of March 5, 2019 piece

This is exactly the same place on the road, but going the other direction, When the two pieces are placed beside each other, the two horizons meet as though one is the reflection of the other, but now the leaves have completely disappeared. Might need a few more details on this piece, to balance to Part one. 
The whole collection is starting to come together now!

36 x 36 Oil on Canvas

April 21, 2019

Further into the woods, and larger details are being lost. The fog looms behind.

Grey Matter X (working title)

36 x 48 Oil on Canvas

March 25, 2019

Into the Woods (working title)

A section of woods from the same road. Working backwards in the loss of detail, as the beautiful light is maintained. 
The dementia series is starting to take shape now. I have ideas for all 12 canvases. Not that this will not evolve as I paint.. but, I always need a starting point to create size and shape of canvases, along with how to progress the idea.
36 x 36, Oil on Canvas

March 5, 2019

Mirror Mirror Part one

The disappearing clarity and visibility on this line of trees in the fog are in progress. A little more light to match the atmospheric conditions to that of the mind in mid stages of dementia.

36 x 36 Oil on Canvas

February 18, 2019

Path in the Fog
The works are becoming more meaningful as they progress. I now have a working title for the Collection: Grey Matters. Using grey scale in the artworks is the metaphor for her brain, which is commonly referred to as "grey matter" , and the loss of detail, like the loss of memory.

36 x 48, Oil on Canvas

January 27, 2019

An Intricate Fog (current working title)
Accepted BAB Juried Exhibition  March 2019

From my special spot on Mountainview Road in Caledon that has inspired so many artworks. The vegetation is slowly being consumed by the dense fog caused by a sudden warm up over the snow. The cast shadow is a lovely moment in the mystery.

48 x 36, Oil on Canvas

January 21,2019

Blue Fragments

On the same emotional conversation about Dementia, as I think my way through this one. The colour used in monotones will later be translated to a total grey scale, and this painting will stand on its own.

24 x 24 Oil on Canvas

December 31, 2018 
Finally got some paint on a canvas!

A Beautiful Haze

It has been a difficult year with my Mother being diagnosed with Dementia. She is 90 and a remarkable woman. The challenges it has given her and my family have been emotional and time consuming. This piece started almost two months ago, and stopped here a few weeks ago. It is somehow how I see my Mother's mind. Bits and pieces that almost fit together, and some that are strong and prominent, while others are loosing their clarity. Within it all, it is a haze for her to navigate, and the rest of us to observe helplessly. And still I see the beauty in it and her.

30 x 30  Oil on Canvas

August 27, 2018 

Building Energy
From a field on the way to the Mill about a month ago. This heightened light is seen when the storm is approaching but not yet arrived. We certainly have seen this on a regular basis this summer!

30 x 30   Oil on Canvas


July 23, 2018
Floating Energy

Beautiful memory from Newfoundland near Gros Morne Park. Almost any time of the day there you can find this mysterious mist floating over the distance.

30 x 03 Oil on Canvas

May 12, 2018 

Rising Energy

In 2018, think that speaks for itself!!

30 x 30, Oil on Canvas

March 19, 2018
Releasing Energy II

Just about there. Still using the grey scale to bank the colour in this spectacular break out of the clouds. 

30 x 30 Oil on Canvas

Accepted Beaux-Arts Brampton Open Juried Show 2018

Accepted HA Gallery Juried Show May 2019

February 29, 2018

Containing Energy Series

Over the same river a few moments earlier. The interplay of light is really fun to utilize the grey scale with a monotone colour, and loosen up the work to exaggerate the mood. 

"Bursting with Energy"
30 x 30 Oil on Canvas
Accepted Beaux-Arts Brampton Open Juried Show 2018