Janet Simmons Sweet, CFS  - The Unapologetic Landscape,  Studio 204,  Alton Mill Arts Centre

Latest Artworks

February 18, 2018

On Thin Ice

Continuing with the Black and White Defining Values Series. This is from out the Studio's window to the Shaw's Creek, during this winter's deep freeze with temperatures reaching -27C. It is usually a rush, but for the first time in 9 years, it froze.

12 x 12, Oil on Canvas

January 29, 2018

Defining Values Series

Over the same river a few moments earlier. The interplay of light is really fun to utilize the grey scale with a monotone colour, and loosen up the work to exaggerate the mood. 

"Bursting with Energy"

30 x 30  OIl on Canvas.

January 16, 2018

2018 starts with the inception for the Years Collection. Thinking in black and white, with one very small accent in colour. And Turner or Constable may have their usual influence in the sky compositions. Working Title is "Defining Values", being a play on an artistic rule in painting, and the reference to one's life choices. Over the Niagara River.

12 x 12 in Oil on Canvas.

February 2, 2018


This phenomena is locally referred to as a "Sundog".  It is a vertical reflection of the sun, often in rainbow colours, found near sunset during the winter. The sun would be  to the left of this spectacle, on my way home from Christmas Day this year. Quite a home welcoming!

12 x 12 - Oil on Canvas

December 20, 2017

Rolling Times Two

Last piece for 2017! From the Rolling Hills close to the Mill about a month ago, with Rolling Clouds over it. It really is the most beautiful countryside in this area. Any drive on any day is always a show. 

12 x 36 , Oil on Canvas

November 26, 2017

Beyond the Pines

Lovely low light at this time is really enhanced through the plantation style pines that are scattered around this area. One of my favourite places on the way home.
Oil on Canvas 24 x 40

November 3, 2017

Treetops VI

All the other treetops paintings were done through fall leaves, exaggerating the effect of sunlight through them.  This one is now at the end of the fall, with the bare branches now exaggerating and framing the clouds behind them. No matter the "frame", it is always a lay on your back moment, and look to the sky! New texture mediums in oil are tested on this piece.
22 x 22, Oil on Canvas

October 19,2017

Storm on the Horizon

From the field leaving the Mill last month. Still thinking my way through a more refined version of this,  or decide if it has already captured that peaceful yet powerful feeling it evoked. 
30 x 48, Oil on Canvas

August 28, 2017


From a field near the Mill early spring this year. 

Oil on Canvas
22 x 22

August 20, 2017

Time to start a new idea! 
From the Alton Mill Pond using a palette knife.  Lilies, Flip, Flop. 
Oil on Canvas 18 x 40